I Love Him As A Hurricane Loves A Thunderstorm

I'll never be as cool as Ellen Page, or as hot as Kat Dennings

The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation

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Yes. This 100%.

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Writing’s a lot like cooking. Sometimes the cake won’t rise, no matter what you do, and every now and again the cake tastes better than you ever could have dreamed it would.

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Reasons abortion should be fully covered on all insurance plans:

  • If you can’t afford an abortion, you definitely can’t afford a pregnancy
  • If you can’t afford an abortion, and are forced to carry a pregnancy to term anyway, you sure as hell can’t afford a child

Who the fuck do you think you’re really protecting here?

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518. A muggleborn goes through their ‘scene’ phase, and colours their hair a different colour every week. The purebloods are confused, because they’re not a metamorphmagus, right? They might be a little jealous, too, although they’d never admit it. But why should the muggleborns get to have blue hair when they don’t?



i miss when i was like 12 and it would be the night before a big field trip or something and i couldnt go to sleep because i was so excited. i miss being so into a book that i would stay up past my bed time reading it. everything seems so bland or something idk. i’m only 19 and everything is so tiring. i miss wanting to be awake

this is the realist shit on this website

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Rant of Instability.


You know you’re mentally unstable when you’re not sure if you’re insane and overthinking things, or if you’re really doubting every life choice you ever made. When you have no idea if a normal person would be thinking your thoughts while sober. When you doubt yourself at every turn and end up giving in to people because you know they’re stable and you’re not so how could you possibly be right? How could you possibly know anything about the validity of your own thoughts? How could you possibly know how things are SUPPOSED to be, you’ve only ever experienced them through your own insanity. How could you possibly ever trust your own instincts, brains, heart or logic? How are you ever supposed to give advice? How are you supposed to be alone when you’re not even sure you know if you’re going the right way, or have the right dream? How am I supposed to feel, think, plan, and be? Is my doubt well-founded or is it just my insanity talking? How am I supposed to know the difference between my disease and me?

Just a little piece of writing I posted on my writing blog, thought I’d share


Capricorn has the worst time coping with = self doubt, loss of independence and things they can’t control


Capricorn has the worst time coping with = self doubt, loss of independence and things they can’t control