I Love Him As A Hurricane Loves A Thunderstorm

I'll never be as cool as Ellen Page, or as hot as Kat Dennings


That moment when you realize that your belly button is a scar.

A scar that almost everyone has.

When they cut your umbilical cord when you’re being born, you’re left with the belly button, a scar.

So when someone says they have no scars, just poke their belly button

And laugh 

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such a needed campaign. i wish they’d have included native americans as well, though, as cultural appropriation of them in costumes is just as awfully common.

It’s that time of year again when these go around. And I will keep reblogging them. And if I see the joke ones I am likely to rip them apart with prejudice.

I will reblog this every year and unfollow anyone who posts joke fandom spinoffs of this very serious and important commentary.

the fact that they even needed to campaign this..

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Now remember people, National Coming Out Day is on its way. If you “come out” on facebook as straight and/or cis, an ally, a brony, a fucking whovian, or anything other than a marginalized sexual orientation and/or gender identity, I will ram my boot so far up your ass you’ll be tasting Vans for weeks.

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is there anyone in the west virginia area that would be willing to take in a young LGBT kid getting away from an abusive home for a few days while the legal shit gets worked out

please i really really really need help even if its just a signal boost this is me fucking begging ple ase

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remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

This post creeps me out because it is absolutely true 


he has won

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reasons why halloween is the best holiday:

  1. you are not obliged to visit your relatives
  2. you are not obliged to get gifts for anyone
  3. people will give you candy for absolutely no reason other than halloween
  4. its the only day when its socially acceptable to go out in public dressed like a penguin

5. no one will look at you funny when you buy eighteen boxes of candy even though you fully intend to sit in the dark and eat them alone.

6. discount candy

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Hey! So, Coming Out Day is coming up soon (Oct. 11) and I just want to post a very stern reminder to NOT out anyone without their explicit permission.

Do NOT out anyone.

Got it?



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Anonymous asked: This doesn't mean you can't have children. You just need to look at different options. There are so many children that need great parents and need a home. Just because biologically you can't have a child doesn't mean you can't ever have one!

I know, it’s something I’ve thought a lot about, trust me. It weighs on your mind when the one thing you wanted to do with your life is hanging in the balance. As a highly literally and analytic person I’ve done my research. The many options technology offers these days is wonderful for couples who can’t conceive naturally.And baring all that doesn’t work or is to expensive, adoption is a wonderful option.

But I’m also a very emotional person. I have been dreaming of carrying and raising my own children since I was 5 or 6. When other girls wanted to be a princess or a doctor or a ballet dancer or a ninja (there was one bad-a girl in kindergarten who insisted on it) I wanted to be pregnant. I would walk around the house in a pillow case with one of my soft dolls shoved inside. I made all of my friends be the “husband” who took care of me and the baby. Of course I had no idea what all it entailed like I do now, but I knew I wanted it ever since my mom explained that some women with big  bellies were making babies.

I am smart enough to realize that there are other options, and aware of my emotions enough to know that I am not always a rational human being. I would not want to adopt a child or raise a child from someone else’s DNA without being absolutely sure that I could love and care for it without reservation. To many children are put in non-biological families and are treated as less. I refuse to do that to an innocent child. But, I won’t truly know how the 100% certain news that I will never conceive or carry my own child will affect me or my husband until we have to hear it.

Right now, there is a chance I’m fine. There is still a chance I am fertile. My eggs may be fine. I try to focus on that. But it’s hard.

The fear is what’s eating me alive. And the entire world seems to remind me of the one thing I want to forget for a while. I know it’s not anyone’s fault, but it just cuts me like a knife when people ask or I think out of nowhere “Man I hope my kids are that cute” and then I remember I may never have any of my own. 

I wasn’t trying to get sympathy or advice, I just needed to vent. It’s hard to actually talk about with real life friends without bursting into tears. I don’t want my husband to worry about and obsess over it like I do. I just needed a space to write it out and help me deal with it.



The entire fucking world has become a trigger for me.

I found out about 2 years ago that I may never be able to have children.

My ovaries are swollen to an unusually large size, which can be caused by a lot of things: from excessive eggs due to genetic tendencies for twins, to ovarian cancer or cysts, to excessive egg production resulting in un-viable eggs, and all sorts of other things.

Most of the reasons are bad. Most of the reasons will leave me childless. I wanted to find out for sure, but it was a $300-$400 test, something I just couldn’t afford then or now. Besides, it’s crazy to spend that kind of money on a test that won’t matter for years.

We’re not trying to get pregnant right now. I found this out at a routine lady wellness visit. It’s been haunting me ever since. My husband knows, and married me anyway. We won’t even start trying for at least 2 or 3 more years. And he claims that even if we can’t conceive we will be okay. So I try not to think about it much. I try not to add to my stress.

And then I walk out of my little home.

I walk into a world of babies, toddlers, and small children. I talk to them, smile at their cuteness, and appreciate the cuteness, joy, and love they bring into the world.

I talk to the mothers, fathers, and grandparents. I hear the funny stories, smile at the love they show, and congratulate them on their wonderful progeny.

And then they turn to me and ask the fatal question: “Do you have of your own?”  It’s so hard not to cry, scream, and break-down. I remind myself that they are not trying to hurt me as I answer “No, not yet, we’re waiting a few more years.” with a smile I attempt to make as genuine as possible.

I hate that I do it to myself, but I can’t help it. I am drawn to young life. I long to create and nurture my own little one. It is my greatest dream, goal, and hope.

I know my life will not be over if I can’t conceive and carry my own child, but I fear it will break my heart and make me cold. I fear for who I will become if I am unable to fill my womb with life. I fear that if we choose to adopt or use anothers eggs I will resent that child for reminding me of what I failed to do. I fear I will lose my husband to who I will become.

I found out about 2 years ago I may never be able to have children of my own and I still can’t process what it means for me and my family.

Just a little vent I needed to get off my chest on my writing blog.